SF-XCPUBD-F4089 - 540-4992 - Sun Microsystems
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SF-XCPUBD-F4089 - 540-4992 - Sun Microsystems
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Sun Fire System Boards for V440, V480, V490, V880, V890, V1280, 3800, 4800, 6800, E2900, E4900
SF-XCPUBD-F4089 - 540-4992 - Sun Microsystems   SF-XCPUBD-F4089 - 540-4992 - Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Sun Fire CPU / Memory board with 4 x 900MHz 8MB Cache Ultra Sparc III Cu processors & 8GB memory (8 x X7053A)(32 x 256MB). For Sun Fire 12K, Sun Fire 15K, Sun Fire 3800, Sun Fire 4800, Sun Fire 4810, Sun Fire 6800, Sun Fire 4900, Sun Fire 6900, Sun Fire E20K, Sun Fire E25K. Save over $70,000 and we can ship TODAY. ...We also offer Very attractive upgrades from Sun Fire CPU / Memory boards with 2 x 740MHz, 4 x 750MHz, or 2 x 900MHz. Please call or email us with your requirements.

  • 1-Year Warranty on all hardware
  • Sun Fire 3800 4800 4810 6800 12K 15K This part is user installable
  • Usually ships today
  • 80 in stock. Call for availability on quantities over 80

    Sun Microsystems
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    Manufactured By: Sun Microsystems

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