XRA-SC1CB-73G10K-3rd - 540-6600-3rd-12-Pack - Fujitsu
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XRA-SC1CB-73G10K-3rd - 540-6600-3rd-12-Pack - Fujitsu
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Sun Disk Drives
XRA-SC1CB-73G10K-3rd - 540-6600-3rd-12-Pack - Fujitsu   XRA-SC1CB-73G10K-3rd - 540-6600-3rd-12-Pack - Fujitsu

Quantity 12 Sun Compatible 73.4GB 10000 RPM 1 Low Voltage Differential Ultra-320 SCSI disk with 540-3024 Spud bracket Sun Mounting hardware & Sun Barrier Plate

  • Sun Formatted, Sun VTS Tested, 1-Year Warranty
  • Sun Compatible part numbers: XRA-SC1CB-73G10K, X5263A, X5245A, X5265A, 540-6600, 540-5455, 540-5771, 540-6603.
  • For use in Sun Fire V120, Sun Fire V210, Sun Fire V240, Sun Fire V250, Sun Fire V125, Sun Fire V1280, Sun Fire E2900, Sun StorEdge S1, Sun StorEdge D2, Sun StorEdge D1000, Sun StorEdge A1000, Sun Netra 120, Sun Netra CT410, Sun Netra CT810, Sun Netra 1280.
  • Click here for technical information on the Sun Microsystems 73.4GB Ultra SCSI 10000 RPM 1" with Spud bracket & barrier
  • 1-Year Warranty on all hardware
  • This part is user installable
  • Usually ships 1 - 3 day ARO
  • Usually in stock. Call for availability on quantities over 25

    Sun Microsystems
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    Manufactured By: Fujitsu

    XRA-SC1CB-73G10K-3rd - 540-6600-3rd-12-Pack - Fujitsu Email This Page To A Friend

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