Sun Fire 4800 base
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Sun Fire 4800 base
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Sun Fire Midrange Servers, V480, V490, V880, V890, V1280, 3800, 4800, 6800, E2900, E4900
Sun Fire 4800 base   Sun Fire 4800 base

Sun Microsystems Sun Fire 4800 Server - Base system including one system controller, one X4070A Level 2 repeater Board, Top I/O Fan Tray (FT1), Bottem I/O Fan Tray (FT0), CPU Fan Tray (FT2), and two X4301A 1700 Watt Power Supplies. The Base has no CPU, no memory, no disk, no I/O. Click here for technical information on the Sun Fire 4800 server. Optional CPU, Memory, and I/O are listed below.

  • 1-Year Warranty on all hardware
  • Pre-Configured System. Listed options are installed and verify by diagnostic software to be in good working order. This system can be installed by anyone with a good working knowledge of Sun Solaris.
  • Usually ships 2 - 5 days ARO.*Call for Shipping Quote*
  • In stock. Call for availability on quantities over 12

    Sun Microsystems
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    Manufactured By: Sun Microsystems

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