Sun Fire 6800 chassis
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Sun Fire 6800 chassis
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Sun Fire Midrange Servers, V480, V490, V880, V890, V1280, 3800, 4800, 6800, E2900, E4900
Sun Fire 6800 chassis   Sun Fire 6800 chassis

Sun Microsystems Sun Fire 6800 Server, with Centerplane. Installed in Rack with No Controllers, No Power Supplies for either the 6800 or the rack, no fans, no CPU, no memory, no disk, no I/O. Click here for technical information on the Sun Fire 6800 server. Optional CPU, Memory, and I/O are listed below.

  • 1-Year Warranty on all hardware
  • Pre-Configured System. Listed options are installed and verify by diagnostic software to be in good working order. This system can be installed by anyone with a good working knowledge of Sun Solaris.
  • Usually ships 2 - 5 days ARO. *Call for Shipping Quote*
  • Usually in stock. Call for availability on quantities over 2

    Sun Microsystems
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email or chat with us.

    No "Dealers" Please!

    Manufactured By: Sun Microsystems

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